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Lo invitamos sinceramente a la 135.a Feria de Cantón de Primavera y a la Feria de Electrodomésticos y Hogares Inteligentes de Fuentes Globales 2024 de Anhui Leking

Time of release: 2024-03-29 03:03:02

This is Ricky from Anhui Leking Environment Technology Co., Ltd, specializing in the production and research & development of air purification. The purification product line covers various fields from automotive, desktop, and home to commercial, and medical. We are also committed to air purification, humidification, dehumidification, and other environmentally friendly appliances as the core, and strive to become the world's leader in the health and environmental protection home appliance industry within 5 years! We sincerely hope to see you at the Canton fair and look forward to hearing from you soon! Our fair's information is below!

135th Spring Canton Fair